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How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

Updated: Jun 6

Many folks ask us, how much is a bathroom remodel? While there are many different factors in what the final cost will be, there are certain estimations that can help fight sticker shock with customers.

The cost of remodeling a primary bathroom can vary based on factors like size, materials, and complexity. Here are some basic estimates:

Bathroom Size and Type:

  • Half-bath/powder room (20 sq. ft.): $12,000–$16,000

  • Three-quarter bath (35 sq. ft.): $21,000–$28,000

  • Full bath (50 sq. ft.): $30,000–$40,000

  • Primary bath (100 sqft.): $60,000–$80,000+ Countertops:

  • New tile or laminate countertops: Lowest price per square foot.

  • Solid surface and marble: Mid-range options.

  • Natural stones (quartz, soapstone, granite): Luxury end.

Remember that these are just estimates, and actual costs may vary. It’s essential to get quotes from local professionals to determine the specific cost for your project.

If you decide to DIY your project, you could certainly save some money on labor, but don't discount that time is money. Or that contractors are professionals and should be guaranteeing their work, their subs and anything that goes into their part of your project. They ensure everyone doing the work on your home is licensed and insured, they take the scheduling, ordering, hiring the right subs and anything else related to the project and make sure it is done right. Many times, homeowners will try to do a project themselves and end up spending more money on a contractor, because they need to repair the work that was done incorrectly and then finish the project.

Remember, this is your home, the place where you spend the most time. The place that keeps you and your family safe. Your home can be one of your biggest financial investments, and well-done remodels can have the highest return, and a poorly done can do just the opposite. Why take chances and try to do it yourself, when you can hire a reputable contractor in your area to do the job well and right the first time?

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