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3 of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when having their home remodeled.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

It is no mystery to most that living through and in the midst of a home remodel is a trying endeavor, both emotionally and physically. I wanted to outline what I see as a guide to how this goes, in a best case scenario, (which is how we approach every project) whether we are planning a bathroom remodel in Stillwater or a massive kitchen remodel in Lake Elmo and why we have a few non negotiables after years of experience seeing people in the depths of “remodelers regret”. They are as follows:

1. Not getting on the same page with all interested parties involved before getting started.

It doesn’t take much time to sit down and go over the plan thoughtfully. I recommend this layout.

1. Start by putting together a list of how the project would look if there are no budget barriers. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas as well as just typing in for example “kitchen remodel trends and ideas” in your search bar. If you are working with Acadian Building and Remodeling, our designers can get you set up with all of the ideas you need.

2. Take that list and circle the items that you are least likely to omit in order to stay on budget.

3. At his point you will have likely fought and hopefully made up and are now ready to go ahead with what will hopefully be an amazing experience bringing your dreams to life.

4. Take your list and type it into an email and go ahead and email that over to us with a few pictures of the kitchen or bathroom remodel or area to be renovated, as it is currently.

2. Not understanding how difficult it is, living in construction.

and that you will be living without the use of the kitchen or bath or whichever area you choose.

1. It is not out of the question to move out during the remodel. It is by far the best way to go, even as we understand how difficult this can be for most, it is so much better than having a bunch of new roommates for 8 weeks, early and noisy mornings. Parking frustrations etc… it’s not fun. I don’t care if your favorite contractor promises different. Don’t buy it. There are varying degrees of this throughout the project, and it is the nature of the work.

2. If you are like most homeowners, moving out is not an option, so doing projects in phases and understanding how to prepare yourself and family mentally and physically for the change in routine will go along way. We help our clients with this process before getting started.

3. Construction is not a spectator sport. It is dangerous and requires focus, so keeping animals, kids, curious uncle Fred and all other hazards/distractions out of the work area is a must for the success of everyone involved. As a point of humor but mostly seriously I have heard it said that some contractors charge more if you watch😉 seriously though, don’t do it. Most people have nothing to hide and they perform poorly when you are staring and judging. If they are hiding something they will wait until you leave to do it…..

3. Buying cheap products to save money.

1. There is no situation that I would advise buying a cheap product of any sort. The reality is that, if you are paying a premium for installation, it makes no sense to install products which are not made for longevity and warrantied accordingly.

2. Most Contractors will honor warranties that their exclusive suppliers provide and not have to collect associated labor costs, so using the contractors’ vendors and recommendations (if reputable), is best. We work with our clients to make sure that we can achieve the desired outcome within those parameters and if we cannot, we make exceptions accordingly, and with great success.

3. There is no greater disappointment in my remodeling experience, than bearing through the pains taking process of home remodel only to have to deal with the frustrations of warranty issues and quality issues that keep you from ever having the peace of mind that most seek by having the work done in the process.

Take this and a common sense approach and you will do just fine. If you have found a professional who is up to the challenge and you trust them enough to hand over a deposit or downpayment, I would trust them until they give a good reason to reassess.

There are almost always hurdles, but they are opportunities for Acadian Building and Remodeling, to shine as we gracefully and skillfully navigate the issues of any project we face.

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